How do I play this game?

Darker Slate is an interactive puzzle mystery. Each chapter is like a new level of the game. The chapter advances the story, and at the end you will be presented with a puzzle of some kind. Simply type the correct solution into the form at the bottom and you will advance to the next level. You will find some levels harder than others, naturally. Some may even require you to flex your search engine skills. In some cases, there are hover notes at the bottom of the page on levels where the solution format is tricky. For every level, though, the solution will always be a combination of letters, digits, or both. Some levels refer to things from previous chapters, too, so write down anything you think might come in handy later on. You never know!

What does the rating mean?

Each chapter has a difficulty rating. The higher the number, the harder the level is, relative to how well people perform on that level. The number is determined by dividing the fails by the successes. As you can see in this example, 96 divided by 5 is about 19.

Do I really have to read the story?

No, not really. Okay, we lied. Some chapters have clues in the story text. Be thankful the chapters are short.

What if I get stuck on a level?

If you get stuck on a level, you can always try to ask for clues in the Dead Drop. It is a general rule that you should never ask for the answer outright; as such, you should also never post an answer outright to any level. Posting the answers ruins the fun for everyone, much like posting spoilers to your favorite shows.