Chapter 5
02-May-2015 3:59 AM

I think I'm going to need more clues for Chapter 5's puzzle. I get that the time of the text is involved (I had to log out to look at Chapter 1 for that). And the clue within the text tells you what to do, I'm presuming? ...Or does it?

The diagram is stumping me, though. It would help if I knew about how long the solution is supposed to be. Is it letters, numbers, or a combination of both? Is it complete words? A sentence? A question and an answer? An equation?

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02-May-2015 4:15 AM

By the clue within the text, I mean the text of the chapter - not the text message from the phone.

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03-May-2015 4:31 AM

...Finally got it. So simple. So hiding in plain sight. Forget (almost) everything I said in the first post.

The trick that threw me, if this isn't too obvious a clue: Not received but sent.

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11-Jun-2015 8:29 PM

Gotcha. I'm sorry I didn't see this earlier. I'm glad to see that you got it, though.

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