Chapter 13
31-Mar-2015 1:23 PM
Okay, I see the three clues. I'm pretty sure I know what the first two clues are indicating. The last one, I see a couple possible meanings. I'm pretty confident I know what the top and bottom orange symbols are. Thought the middle one might have been a sports team logo, but it isn't anyone that I can find searching the depths of google. This is supposedly a schematic. A schematic of what? The place? A camera? Are the colors blue/orange significant? I've been staring at this way too long and I have no idea. Give me hints, lots and lots of hints.
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31-Mar-2015 1:48 PM
The schematic will explain which cameras are on and which ones are off. Remember that everything the Slate company does is encoded in some way. How might one transmit information about things being on or off? There are four hidden clues besides the picture in this one. Last thing: The three icons indicate something and then the whole picture indicates something.
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31-Mar-2015 4:45 PM
I have a few more ideas, but I don’t know how to connect the dots. I don’t see how the schematic connects to determining which cameras are on or off. Like, is the schematic telling him the locations of the cameras in the building and which of the cameras at certain locations are on or off (in which case, what sort of answer would one even put in the answer box? “The cameras located in the west end are off, the one next to the door is on, etc, etc.”) Or is it a schematic which gives a key such that if he looks at a particular camera, he can tell by looking at the camera if it is on or off by comparing it to the schematic? (In which case, I still don’t know what format the answer would look like. “Cameras with x, y, z are on, and cameras with a, b, c are off.”) Is the answer a single word? A phrase? Is it obvious how to word it once you see it? Is it an indication of what direction he should go? “Right, Left, Left, Right, Left,” or something like that? I feel like if I at least knew what sort of answer was being asked for, I’d have something more to go on. I can see all sorts of possible meanings to the picture, but I have no idea what form the answer is supposed to be in, so I don’t know how to link those ideas to the answer. I have come up with dozens of answers that seem to make perfect sense given all of the information at hand, but none of them are correct. There doesn’t seem to be anything specific enough that would indicate how to narrow it down after a certain point.
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31-Mar-2015 11:42 PM
Once you figure out the middle three icons and how it relates to the base words you'll understand what the answer is looking for. There are ways of determining if a switch is on or off. Since there are basically only two possibilities (on, off), you must try to think of other ways of notating things with only two possibilities (open/closed) etc.
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31-Mar-2015 11:45 PM
Did you look at any of the clues in the text?
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01-Apr-2015 7:47 AM

I saw all four clues in the text. I've considered all sorts of ways "on/off" might be denoted. I've considered all sorts of interpretations of all of the symbols. This one is driving me nuts. You say these things like once I get what you're hinting at, it will be clear, but I feel like I've had all of those thoughts in your hints already. I'm probably going to feel like an idiot when I finally see it, but right now, I have no idea anymore.

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